Yoga & Whiteness: Facing the Colonial Self or Outing the Hippie Woo-Woo Colonial Crap

Part I:

This Yoga Workshop will be an interactive mapping project, a kind of personal return to incarnate history as a way of embodying our Ancestors. Each day will seed a research project into Home and Homeland through the discursive lens of Privilege Theory asking, What's the Genealogy of Colonialism.

Please bring a journal, a camera and copies of photos of your family to be used in the Mapping Project.
Part II:

Asana as an Archival Process. Using the psycho/physical template of Asana to explore the body as archive. We will investigate the Breath as a primary source of endurance, as a mode of "enduring cultural, historical or evidentiary value" or simply as a way to self-preserve in conflicting historicities. Connecting our personal Survival Tactics to Post-Colonial Theory in an attempt to out the Hippie, Woo Woo, Colonialist Crap.

                         Yoga Twerkshop 
Yoga, Art & Cultural Appropriation

This workshop will critically explore Yoga, Art, i.e. Dance and the ways in which privilege culturally appropriates for the staging of either the Performance of Identity and/or the Performance of Ideas. Looking into the fetishisation/commodification of indigenous cultures, many that have been oppressed by Euro-American colonialism, we will discern between exchange, assimilation and appropriation. The first half hour of class will be dedicated to lively dialogue about the dynamics of Cultural Appropriation, the implications of Race and Class and how to participate in Art and Spiritual praxis without being a Jerk.
Then we’ll explore the Gluteal field, differentiating the utility of your buttock muscles in various Asanas; where to contract the Gluteus Maximus & when to relax the outer Butt-Boss and allow the under-glutes, the Medius and Minimus to initiate. …It won’t really be Twerking, but you will definitely Get Your Ass On!
Premiered Impulstanz, Vienna, Austria 2014

Global Uprising: Locating the Body as a Site for Critical Change
Conceived for FRESH Dance Festival San Francisco, 2014

Week 2  Invert to Subvert


This workshop will continue the anatomical investigations explored in Shine A light, highlighting the integration of the Arms, via the Shoulder Girdle, into the Abdominal Body and Pelvic Bowl, for postural inversions such as Handstand, Headstand and Forearm Stand.
In conjunction with turning the Body/Mind upside down, we’ll explore Post-Colonial concepts of Inversion and Subversion in a psycho/somatic attempt to resist normative binaries of Dominance & Submission.

Week 1  Shine A Light

This one week workshop will give a global view of the Asana practice. Unfolding the anatomical logic of the Sun Salutation to discover the Soma/Spiritual components of the entire Asana system. If a stretch is the elongation between two points, this workshop will focus on the dynamic precarity between release and constructive resistance.
Detoxing Capitalism
This workshop will address our long held racial privilege and prejudices and will explore how we store this enculturation in our bodies. The imperial body is not just a nation state, it is the psyche of every individual. The economics of globalization have “normalized” the excessive self-absorption that drives imperialism. Detoxing Capitalism will acknowledge Yoga as a colonized practice and will brave the discharge of behavioral toxins, which otherwise internalized, keep us complacent with capitalism.
Common Detox Symptoms:
*A deep and unnerving sadness over our disappearing world
*Anger at injustice; a Pandora’s Box of Rage
*Profound irritability with friends’ and family’s expressions of dissociated, white privilege
*An inability to enjoy at the expense of another’s well-being
*Various aches and pains due to the release of discriminatory biases
*Anxiety related to relinquishing attachment to material objects that have *become an extension of one’s identity
*Existential Ennui, a self-boredom that arises when one seizes compulsive fixation
Disclaimer: Withdrawal symptoms from our addiction to capitalism, may persist for a very long time…
Premiered at Impulstanz, Vienna, Austria 2012