Sri Louise




Contemporary performance ousting Patriarchy one high kick at a time...Sri Louise is currently curious about feminist approaches to collaborative processes, i.e. how to organize a dance performance. 
Sri uses the word stylist literally and as a stand in for dramaturgy. She is available for both personal and professional styling as well as 
dramaturgical consultation. Stay tuned for the upcoming launch of her movement line..
Teaching is part of her personal practice that is now in it's 22nd year, most of it maintained outside of the studio model. As a disciple of Swami Dayananda Saraswati. Sri facilitates Asana for Advaita.

The Somatics of Asana

Sri Louise teaches a somatic approach to Asana inspired by her studies in Feldenkrais with Augusta Moore, Body Mind Centering with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen and Axis Syllabus with Frey Faust. They have all taught her how to think deeply about the body and to allow for it's own intelligence.
Sri Louise
An interview produced by Ewa Stern
Impulstanz 2016
Ewa Stern interviewed Sri Louise at the start of Impulstanz International Dance Festival in 2016. The resulting short film celebrates the committment Sri has cultivated toward her own personal Yoga practice . Sri would like to acknowledge her Guru, Swami Dayananda Saraswati, for sharing the teaching of Vedanta  with so much care, humor and wisdom.

 Performative Embodiment

Influenced by her life as a Contemporary Dancer and specifically the field of Somatics, Sri has merged her Asana practice with her Artistic practice.  She has been teaching Asana to Dancers at Impulstanz, Vienna for over a decade and owes much of her pedagocial experimentation to the freedom the festival gives her to explore and expand upon the parameters of the subject matter.  In witnessing the culture of dance incorporate more and more Asana into the framework of either class and/or choreography, Sri created a class to bring greater clarity to the precision of Asana, but also to encourage students to improvise with the vocabulary of Asana in non-structured ways to source one's own kinesthetic vision.
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