Asana as Embodied Cognition
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Sri Louise's personal practice is steeped in over 20 years of dedicated research into Yoga and the embodied self. Her teaching process is geared towards helping students understand how to functionally support their individual structure. Using simple movement patterns she has developed specifically for accessing Asana, students find they are able to inhabit the pantheon of Asanas with ease and self-confidence.
Sri Louise does not extrapulate Asana from the wider sphere of Yoga that it belongs to. It's precisely Yoga's roots in Hinduism that makes Asana meaningful. Her asana classes begin and end with Kirtana, a call and response form of prayer, to awaken the devotee, the one who is in appreciation of all that is here. As a student of Vedanta, Sri attends to Asana in the realm of Advaita, non-duality, exlporing how the individual parts relate to the collective whole. 
Classes and workshops explore positionality and connectivity and the various degress of cognitive dissonance that many white, Euro-Americans maintain in their quest for personal freedom and spiritual well being. Sri Louise is part of an international movement to decolonize the colonial perspective and her classes situate themselves in this global awakening by deconstructing the imperial privileges of the global north on the body/mind.  
Sri Louise is available for private, semi-private and group classes. She is happy to be part of your teacher-training program to help students glean a more profound insight into the practice and philosophy of Yoga. Sri is able to lecture on the Upanisads, Bhagavad Gita and the Yoga Sutra. Sri Louise also conducts workshops in Sanskrit Alphabet for Pronunciation. These workshops can be tailored to proper pronunciation of Yogic terms and also towards relearning commonly chanted, but mis-appropriated Vedic mantras in the Yoga world.

Sri Louise helps students and teachers alike value the teachings and religious culture of Sanatana Dharma. Yoga is more than a life style, it's a world view. Traditionally, Yoga is considered a Moksa Sadhana, a means for liberation. In modern times, there is nothing more relevant.
A glimps towards Pinca Mayurasana
This video clip is from a workshop I gave on Pinca Mayurasana, or Peacock Pose. After gaining two dimensional book knowledge of where the lateral rotatores of the humerus bones are, how these bones intersect with the scapula at the glenoid-fossa and how the scaupla moves in relation to the arm and the design of Asana, students are encouraged to put it all together in a three dimensional organziational process. 

Current Offerings

Sri Louise
Facilitates a somatic approach to movement, where function proceeds form and efficiency inspires atistic grace. She credits Janet Panetta of NYC and Augusta Moore of San Francisco as her most influential ballet teachers. Sri has taught Yoga to members of the Ballet of Monte Carlo and also the Cullberg Ballet.
Asana Technique
Dancers engage the plethora of Asana to explore the range of their own perfomative instrument. Somatic sequencing allows for simple, floor based inquires that enahnce neuromuscular coordination. 
Yoga for Ballet
Somactic Confidence
Sri Louise has been teaching Yoga specifically to Dancers since 1997. Since 2004, She has been a featured Yoga teacher at Impulstanz International Dance Festival in Vienna, Austria. As an active Dancer, Performer and Yoga practioner, Sri is able to easily translate the 'Esoterics of Asana' into the 'Aesthetics of Dance', both physically and philosophically. She brings a heightened sense of somatic inquiry, bio-mechanical consideration and instructional improvisation into the classroom container.
Such coordination is practiced first without weight-baring, then upright in the vertical plane and finally, a more advanced situation could see Passe/Vrksasana maintained in an inversion, like Urdva Vrksasana, Handstand, in preparation for partnering.