Yoga Mentorship

Are you a new Yoga teacher, who feels your 200 hundred hour training was not enough to create the kind of confidence you need to teach? Have you been teaching for a few years and are ready for more depth in your personal and professional practice? Are you a seasoned practitioner or teacher, who has lost passion, direction or meaning in your practice.

Having conducted five 200 hour teacher training programs, Sri has intimate knowledge of how to translate your personal pursuit into a viable and intelligent teaching practice. Whether you would like to have more familiarity with textual knowledge, explore Sanskrit and how to properly pronounce Sanskrit terms, or experiment with using touch in your own teaching environment, whatever your curiosity or insecurities are with respect to Yoga, Sri’s Yoga mentoring program will help you deepen your current relationship to Yoga. 

Sri Louise offers an informal home environment with access to her personal Yoga library, where you can study at your own cognitive pace. Sri encourages transparency, consent and accountability. There is self-reliance in this kind of self-honesty. The by-product is an effortless confidence you can easily lean into when you facilitate the journey of Yoga, i.e. teach a Yoga class.
Topics of Mentorship
Anatomy in Asana
Somatic Modifications
Meditation - Japa
Touch as Pedagogical Therapy
Adjustments, Hands On or Prop Mediated
Prop support in Asana, Pranayama and Meditation
Yoga Philosophy - Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Yoga Sutra
Vedic Philosophy - Upanisads and Bhagavad Gita
Sanskrit terms, Pronunciation and Meaning
Chanting - Sanskrit Slokas
Kirtan - Devotional Singing
Understanding Dharma/Isvara
​Connecting with Authentic Teachings and Teachers
Cultural Awareness & Sensitivity
Anti-Racism & Inclusivity Strategies

Sri Louise offers over 20 years of personal practice and teaching experience. It took her seven years of teaching to finally feel relaxed in that role. Pivotable to that comfortability was studying with her Guru, Swami Dayananda Sarasvati. His clarity and unconditional support helped her to gain the self-security she needed to share what she had learned and to allow that learning to influence and expand her own pedagogical framework. 

Sri would like to help other teachers develop the skills needed to cultivate an intelligent and authentic Yoga practice.

Come for tea & mentoring at Sri's Yoga Casita

Sliding Scale
$45-125 per one hour session

Online mentoring available

Please contact: [email protected]