YogaMaze: Coercion is Not Consent
Diksitars Do America
Darth Yoga Becky & Hinduphobia 
I am in full agreement that the public needs to see the level of white, hetero-patriarchal, colonial capitalism run amok in the Western Yoga industry. What follows are a series of screen shots from a Facebook private message conversation between Noah, Tracy and myself.
Douglas Brooks studies in South India. He dresses and plays Diksitar to Western audiences, where he makes quite a bit of money, but when members of the family he has appropriated his knowledge from want to come to America, he has this to say…
I mean look at how angry colonialists get when they can’t control the flow of ideas and income…

At some point we will have a book called the White Man’s Yoga in which educated, white women will play a prominent role in the subjugation and erasure of Hindu contributions to the conception and cultivation of Yoga as a Moksa Sadhana, mainly through dismissing Indigenous voices, especially the Guru, a particularly Indian convention for self-knowledge and those white peers who have studied within Indigenous, traditional frameworks.